Ministerial Services

Wedding Ceremonies – I’ve officiated many weddings including both opposite-gender and same-gender couples. I’ve worked to customize their liturgies according to their particular needs and wishes.  As a client, we will meet and discuss what you’re envisioning for your marriage and I will show you examples of different ceremonies that you can choose from or we can create your own customized one.  Your marriage is important to me.  If I officiate your ceremony, you’ll not only find that you’ve chosen the right minister for your wedding/commitment ceremony, but that you’ve also made a good friend.   Please feel free to contact me for further details or with questions.

Funerals/Memorials – As a minister, I’ve also conducted funerals/memorials in churches, at cemeteries, in homes, and etc.  My services for a funeral or memorial include the actual funeral ceremony and/or the committal at graveside.  I will meet with each individual family and prepare a service that honors their loved one while also comforting those who mourn their passing.  A wise, old pastor once told me that funerals aren’t so much for those who’ve died as they are for comforting those who’re left behind.   I believe this deeply and offer genuine & compassionate pastoral care  in the creation of your funeral service and/or graveside committal so that those experiencing grief over the loss of their loved one are given hope and peace as they move forward through the mourning process. Please feel free to contact me for further details or with questions.

Baptisms – Sometimes folk are not comfortable in churches or within organized religion.  I respect this and offer personal consultation and prayer for anyone considering accepting Jesus Christ into their heart.  We can meet at your home, office, or etc. and discuss privately what it means to follow Christ and how baptism is a powerful symbol of your commitment to do so.  I can share with you this history of baptism in the Christian faith and am honored to baptize any who are ready to make this life-changing commitment to the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Please feel free to contact me for further details or with questions.

Smudging – In Native culture, the burning of the four medicines; sage, cedar, sweet grass and tobacco are part of a ceremony called smudging. One or more of the medicines are lit and then blown on to smolder in a smudge bowl.  Participants are then smudged which means a sacred feather is used by me to move the smoke from the burning medicine over the body of the individual, ridding them of negative energy and replacing them with positive energy and thoughts.  In addition, prayers for the individual are lifted with the smoke that rises to The Creator who is pleased by the burning of the medicine and hears the concerns and praises of the individual.  This is a very authentic and powerful ceremony that purifies the individual, or their home or any other space from negative energy or spirits. You do not have to be Native to take part in this ceremony and benefit from it.

To further discuss your needs and my ministerial services, please reach out to me here.